Detention Center

Helping the youth of Peru prepare for re-entry into the community.

Through building relationship and trust with the director and staff, God has opened up doors to Hope For Youth Peru inside the Trujillo juvenile detention center, never before walked through by any other organization.

Hope For Youth is present six days a week and works with around 200 incarcerated boys separated into 6 rehabilitation programs. Missionary Iliana Bustios teaches English, reading and writing for those who do not know how, and disciples the boys for Jesus. Iliana is also joined by the Hope For Youth activation team regularly to execute various educational fun activities.

For many of the boys who have no one else, Hope For Youth is the closest thing they have to family. Since Iliana has gained the trust, respect, and love of some of the most notorious young offenders, the Hope For Youth center will serve as a positive safe haven as they continue to seek relationship with us upon their release.

“Yes, these boys have done some bad things, but I still love them. Some of them have never heard those words from anyone before. My main goal is to help them understand that the bad things they’ve done do not define who they are or their future.” ~ Iliana Bustios

Love / Share / Educate / Create / Empower

What We Do Inside the Detention Center

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Barber School

mission trips

Mission Trips


High School Diploma and Graduations

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Small Groups


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